By Ritesh Babu

RITESH BABU (He/They) is a writer and critic whose work has appeared in Panel x Panel, Shelfdust, Comic Book Herald, ComicsXF, and plenty more outlets. When he's not writing about The British Invasion (comics or otherwise), he can be found enjoying Slice Of Life manga, Food Dramas, and trashy romances. Ever drawn to the matter of Colonialism and Imperialism, in both his fiction, and critical writing, the potency of genre fiction as a vehicle to discuss the subject remains ever intriguing to him. He dreams of William Blake works drawn by Jack Kirby, the glory of Biryani, and alternative possibilities of change in history that never were. Ever fascinated by form, he thinks too much about everything. You can find them over on twitter @riteshwriter and subscribe to their newsletter on Buttondown under the same handle.